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Morning dress is traditionally worn at weddings, investitures, garden parties and certain race meetings such as Royal Ascot and the Derby. It is also worn at very formal funerals; accompanied by a single-breasted black waistcoat and top hat. Our morning coats are single-breasted, meeting at the front with one button in the middle then curving away into a pair of tails behind. The coat is made from black herringbone wool and is traditionally worn with grey striped trousers.

A morning coat, and trousers of the same cloth can be worn, making the ensemble a ‘morning suit’ and is considered less formal. We have mid-grey morning suits available and we also have navy which is a modern twist on the classic.

We have both single and double-breasted waistcoats; the single-breasted feature a notched lapel whilst our double-breasted models have a peak lapel.

Traditionally a plain white shirt should be worn with a classic collar and a double cuff. For weddings, it is customary for either a neck tie or cravat to be worn but for occasions such as Royal Ascot and garden parties at Buckingham Palace, cravats are not permitted.